Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml
Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml
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Foaming Hand Soap Bottle & Pump • 400 ml

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With this foaming hand soap bottle, you can start making your own naturally luxurious foaming hand soaps at home!

Using all-natural essential oils and moisturizers, you can mix up a hand soap that leaves your hands feeling soft and nourished, rather than dry and itchy.

You can refill and reuse this foaming hand soap bottle again and again, keeping plastic out of landfills and money in your pocket!

Want to learn how to make a foaming hand soap solution with all-natural essential oils? Check out the link below!

Size: 400 ml

Material: Plastic

How To Make A Naturally Foaming Hand Soap That Won’t Dry Out Your Skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
cherie konrad
Very sturdy soap dispenser

Love these for soap or shampoo or what ever you want to put in them

Jillian Gallery
Nice design and easy for the little grandkids to use

I’m very pleased with this hand pump. Far sturdier, less breakable and more functional than anything I’ve seen at Bed Bath & Beyond. Uses very little soap to make lots of luxurious shaving-lather like foam. I need a few more for other bathrooms!

Carol Wacholz
hand soap bottle

Love the bottles. Work well. I liked your moisturizing hand soap so much that I made a bunch and gave them to friends.

Georgia Smith
Second purchase

This soap pump works so well! Big enough to not have to refill too often but size appropriate for the space. I have had one for 8 months and it still works as well as when I first purchased it. Other brand/kinds that I have gotten before stopped functioning after a few months of use. That is why I purchased this two more for another bathroom and laundry room.

Deborah Jones
Excellent soap dispenser

This dispenser results in even foam even when making a “homemade” mix in f adding water to store-bought liquid soap.

Mary F.
Best foaming soap bottle yet!

I've used foaming soap for many years and have always been frustrated by every foaming soap bottle I've purchased. They start out great then eventually the pump gets stuck in the down position every time I would push it down. I decided to give these bottles a try based on the rave reviews. So far I'm very impressed. The plastic is sturdy. The pump goes up and down very smoothly. (The test will be if it continues to go up and down smoothly!) What I like the best about this foaming soap bottle is the quality of the soap when it comes out. The foam is more dense than any other foaming soap bottle I've used. It doesn't seem to use any more soap than other bottles, as well. So far so good!

Karen Stocker

Very satisfied with the soap dispensers.

Brenda Clark

I'm very impressed with the foaming hand soap bottle and pump. They exceeded my expectations! I made some of my own foaming hand soap and the bottles and pumps work better than the ones you buy pre-filled in the stores. Thanks Jillee, once I am finished using the ones I have already ordered I will be ordering more.