Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack
Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack
Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack
Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack
Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack
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Wool Dryer Balls · 6 Pack

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Move over, dryer sheets! Wool dryer balls are a natural and eco-friendly alternative, helping to speed up drying times, soften fabrics, and prevent wrinkles.

And with a lifespan of up to 1,000 loads, there’s no question that dryer balls are the more cost-effective option!

The Benefits Of Wool Dryer Balls:

  • Speed Up Drying Times. As dryer balls tumble around a dryer, they separate the items and create channels for airflow that help dry laundry up to 25% faster.
  • Save Money And Energy. Faster drying means your dryer is using less energy, which is good news for both the environment and your wallet!
  • Soften Fabrics And Eliminate Wrinkles. Wool dryer balls bounce around inside the dryer softening clothes without chemicals and preventing wrinkles from setting into the fabric.
  • Quiet, Not Noisy. Unlike plastic dryer balls or substitutes such as tennis balls, wool dryer balls don’t make a distracting racket as they tumble around the dryer!

Pair your wool dryer balls with Freshly Washed Essential Oil Blend to infuse your laundry with a naturally fresh scent you’ll love.

Made with 100% organic wool from New Zealand, this set of 6 colorful dryer balls comes in a cotton drawstring bag that’s perfect for storage, or to reuse however you see fit!

Each set includes one dryer ball in each of the following cheerful colors:

  • Light pink
  • Dark pink
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Turquoise
  • White


Quantity: 6 dryer balls, 1 cotton drawstring bag

Dryer ball dimensions: 2.75” x 2.75” (7 cm x 7 cm)

Dryer ball material: 100% organic New Zealand wool

Drawstring bag dimensions: 7.5" x 11.25" (19 cm x 28.5 cm)

Drawstring bag material: Cotton

How To Use

Add 4-6 dryer balls to each load of laundry to reduce drying times and eliminate wrinkles.

To pair them with essential oils, add 3-4 drops of essential oils like Freshly Washed to one dryer ball before putting them in the dryer.

For best results, don’t fill your dryer all the way full when using dryer balls. (They need a bit of room to move around!)

To cut down on static electricity inside the dryer, dampen the dryer balls with clean water before each use.

NOTICE OF RISK. Adding essential oils to dryer balls can at times involve risk of injury, property damage, and other dangers. Read: Is it safe to use essential oils on my dryer balls?


Customer Reviews

Based on 210 reviews
Angela May
Works Great!

The dryer balls has been a life saver! They cut my drying time in half and also is great with fluffing the clothes!

Maureen Byrd
Dryer Balls

I like the dryer balls very much. They are doing a great job. Thank you. Maureen Byrd

Sharon Grisham
Balls to die for

Love my dryer balls with the scented oils. Have used several scents on the balls depending on my mood.

Louise Maxwell

I love the dryer balls! My clothes dry faster. I just leave all 6 in the dryer at all times stead of removing them each time I need to dry clothes.

Wonderful Product

These wool dryer balls work just like they say they should. I do not use dryer sheets, or bottled softener and my items are always fluffy with no static. I have ordered the freshly washed essential oil and can't wait to start using it!

Mary Craddock
Pretty, efficient dryer balls

They seem to work well. I have added tangerine ess. oil, so clothes smell pleasant.

PAtricia EDWIN
Dryer Balls

I love the dryer balls and how fluffy they made my laundry. I added lavender oil to them while drying my blankets and it smells wonderful. Trying to get away from dryer sheets so I am going to use these instead.

Gail C Frain
Dryer balls

I use them every time I do the laundry. I love the colors that make it easy to spot when caught in sleeves. Great product!