Kitchen Conversions Magnet - By Jillee Shop
Kitchen Conversions Magnet - By Jillee Shop
Kitchen Conversions Magnet - By Jillee Shop

Kitchen Conversions Magnet

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The ultimate kitchen companion for every home cook!

Ever found yourself pausing mid-recipe to convert measurements and having to reach for your phone with doughy hands? Our Kitchen Conversions Magnet is here to simplify those moments!

It's like having Jillee right by your side, ensuring you have a smoother cooking process. This magnet brings those treasured tips and tools from our blog directly to your kitchen, making every dish a delightful and fuss-free experience.

From Printable to Perfect

You might remember the free printable version of this chart on our blog. While it's a helpful resource, handling the download and print process can be a bit of a hassle. We've simplified things with this handy magnet version. Same valuable info, with a spiffy new design and a more compact size, ready to adorn your fridge without any fuss!

Why You'll Love It

  • At-a-Glance Conversions: This magnet covers both metric and U.S. customary volume units. No more frantic searches while you're mid-recipe.
  • Effortlessly Accessible: Stick it on your fridge for hands-free access. Say goodbye to messy hands on smartphones!
  • Perfectly Sized: At 9”x6”, it’s easily readable without monopolizing your fridge real estate.
  • Durable and Practical: A sturdy magnet ensures it stays put and is a breeze to clean.
  • Charming Illustration: Featuring a delightful illustration of Jillee, adding a personal touch to your kitchen. It's almost like having her right there with you!
  • Gift-worthy: Know a home cook who'd appreciate a thoughtful touch in their kitchen? This magnet is an ideal gift!


  • Dimensions: 9"x6"
  • Weight: 1.76 oz

Care Instructions

Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Carolyn Hanna

Kitchen Conversions Magnet

Elizabeth Lippincott
Excellent Reference

This little magnet comes handy all the time in my kitchen!

West Texas
Conversion chart

So handy for questions I often have. It’s great

Sandy Traugott
Quality products

So satisfied with everything from Jilee. The products are made to last and the tips are very useful.

Elizabeth F.
Helpful and convenient kitchen conversion magnet

What a great idea to have kitchen measurements posted on the refrigerator. It’s adorable, too!

Beverly Quade
Kitchen Magnets

It comes in very handy!!

Sandra Sutton
Kitchen Conversion Magnet

I received this measurement conversion magnet with a recent order. It is a great addition to my kitchen because it provides a way to see measurement conversions on a magnet I now have out in my kitchen, & saves time. Thanks for this gift.

Kathy Casey
Conversation magnet

It is easy to read and handy.

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