Slumber Essential Oil Blend
Slumber Essential Oil Blend
Slumber Essential Oil Blend
Slumber Essential Oil Blend
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Slumber Essential Oil Blend

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Slumber is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, marjoram, and vetiver essential oils, all blended together in fractionated coconut oil.

 Ready to unwind after a stressful day at work, or hoping for a good night’s sleep? Reach for your bottle of Slumber blend!

The oils in this relaxing blend can help relieve stress, promote peaceful feelings, and restore your sense of wellness.


Aroma: Floral, herbaceous, sweet

Size: 10 ml

How To Use

This Is The Only Thing That Helps Me Sleep Without Feeling Groggy

  • Slumber blend is the secret to a good night’s sleep! Sprinkle a few drops on your pillowcase before settling down for the night, or diffuse it in your bedroom. You’ll be sound asleep in no time.
  • Add a few drops to your bathwater to make your soak in the tub even more relaxing.
  • Diffuse a few drops of Slumber blend at any time to help soothe feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Rub on your feet before bed for a slumber that will make a bear jealous!


Consult a trusted health professional for suggested use.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 335 reviews
Cindy Alvarez

It definately helps you fall or drift off to sleep ! This lil jar is wonderful ❤️

Donna Davis

This is the first item that actually helps me to relax, sleep faster, and keep me sleeping all night!!!!!!!!! 👍😊😀

Joan Barros

my daughters love this They didnt think it would work

Jeannine Richardson
It really helps

I sprinkle Slumber on my pillow at bedtime. It helps me to relax.

Slumber Oil

I love this stuff. It makes my whole house smell wonderful in the morning!

Sue Chancellor
My purchases

I bought the makeup remover towels. I loved them so much I gave one to my daughter and one to my granddaughter. They too have enjoyed. The essential lavender oil is wonderful. The smell is amazing and it helps me to relax to get a better nights sleep. Just what I needed.

Jane Portrey
It really works

I was sceptical but I’m now a convert This works a treat for my other half Doesn’t work for me but it’s still a win win other half is sleeping so much better and his snoring has practically nonexistent So now get some sleep too

Michael T. Slaughter
Slumber Essential Oil Blend

I use a drop or so at each of the top corners of my pillow each night. It seems to help me get to sleep sooner and to stay asleep longer. My wife likes the smell. The bottle is tiny, but it goes a long way. I used it for a long time before I could notice any missing. Now it's finally less than half full. That's why I recently bought another bottle.