Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles · 10 ml
Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles · 10 ml
Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles · 10 ml
Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles · 10 ml
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Amber Glass Roll-On Bottles · 10 ml

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(Also available in the Beauty Kit)

These glass roll-on bottles makes it easy to apply your favorite essential oils on the go. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil or oil blend, top it off with a carrier oil, then snap the roller tool in place!

With these roll-on bottles, application is as easy as swiping it over your wrists, neck, or wherever you prefer to apply your oils.

And the protective amber-colored glass keeps light out, so your oils retain their aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Roller material: Steel


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Jille has great stuff

The bottles are top quality like all things from OGT

Jadelin Abreu
Very nice❣️

I like it very much. I use it to put my fractured coconut oil and lavender oil together. Then I use it on my eye lashes. I want to believe that it helps, without using mascara. Maybe a little lengthening, hopeful❣️ Yes yes, it is growing❣️ Very little bit❣️

Sandy Weinstein
Beautiful bottles

I have been looking for a small roll on bottle and these small amber bottles are perfect.

Kristy Byers
glass botles

these bottles are really nice and work really well. I use them with my oils to make roll on for my headaches and it helps to use on my neck and temples.

Margo Sitzes
Roll on bottles

I use these roll on bottles with Slumber that I also purchased from you. I have suffered from insomnia for years. I use this with a carrier oil on the bottom of my feet, then put on a pair of cotton socks. Then it's bedtime!!! So far so good!!!!

Cindy Kolcz

I just tried to send you an email based upon the email that's listed above It kicked me out I'm sorry to say I'm not able to give you a review on this as I'm not sure how to open the bottles or how to use the oils as I've never purchased oils before If someone can please give me ideas on how to use the oils I'd really appreciate it Thank you so much

Sandra Beaudry
Very useful

This is just the right size and good quality.

Karin Carney
Amber lass roll on bottle

Package arrived very well wrapped. I’m using the roll on bottle for the suggestive mixture of coconut oil and lavender oil with hopes of thickening my eyelashes, as per your blog post.