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Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop
Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On - By Jillee Shop

Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On

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Slumber is a blend of lavender, cedarwood, lime, bergamot, marjoram, and vetiver essential oils, all blended together in fractionated coconut oil. 

This convenient roll-on bottle makes it quick and easy to apply Slumber blend topically. No mixing required and no mess!

Keep it in your nightstand for at-home use, and take it with you when you travel for more restful sleep!


Size: 10 ml

Aroma: Floral, herbaceous, sweet

How To Use

Apply Slumber blend roll-on to the back of your neck or the bottoms of your feet at bedtime to promote restful sleep.


Consult a trusted health professional for suggested use.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.

Customer Reviews

Based on 176 reviews
Denise Kearney

Helps me sleep. And relax

Betty Cosgrove
Pleasant Night's Sleep

I ordered the Slumber roll-on but was skeptical that it would work, as I wake up a lot at night. I was pleasantly surprised that it helps me have a good night's sleep. I roll it on the bottoms of my feet and dab it on my wrists and temples. I ordered a Slumber roll-on for my daughter and just ordered two of the 10ml bottles of Slumber oil. I heartily recommend you try this if you want a good night's sleep.

Cheryl Rudolph
Slumber roll on

I find the product helpful. When having a bad night sleeping I use this and it does help me

carol jernigan
slumber works

This seems to help me drift off to sleep, wish the scent stayed a little longer

Pamela Barr
Great Product

I have trouble sleeping and I feel Slumber has helped me get more rest.

Jan Mascola
Ease off to sleep!

I apply Slumber to my temples and back of my neck at bedtime and ease off to sleep. I recommend it.

Peggy Powell
Actually works

I was a bit doubtful that this would work but all I have to do is dab some on the soles of my feet and it helps me sleep well.

Alan Smith
Great Product

It has a calming effect after a long day. I usually fall asleep within a few minutes. When I get up at night, I will fall back to sleep. It is a great product. Thanks Jillee

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