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Good Night Sleep Kit

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This kit is the closest you can get to buying a good night’s sleep! The star of this kit is Slumber Essential Oil Blend, a soothing mix of relaxing and restorative oils.

In addition to the standard 10ml bottle of this blend, you’ll also get the new Slumber Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On for quick and easy topical application.

This kit includes:

  • Slumber Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml
  • Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On , 10 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 174 reviews
Better Sleep

I love this sleep kit! I use the Slumber roll on bottle as part of my nightly routine. Before I started using it I often had trouble falling asleep & also getting back to sleep when I woke up during the night. By using the Slumber Roll on, I have been going to sleep much faster & don’t wake up as often. I wake up feeling rested. It’s a keeper!

Janet Keyworth
Slumber Essential Oil

This is amazing. It really works. I use it every night. So many of us struggle with lack of sleep.

Lucy Turner
Slumber oil

Hi Jillee, I was waiting to use the oil for at least a week before writing a review. I just want to let you know it works for me. I have tried all kinds of things, I can feel it as soon as I roll it on. Plus I drink a cup of lemon balm tea and I am off to dreamland. THANKS 🤗

Restful sleep

This oil is easy to use. Just apply it on the back of the neck and the bottom of both feet and off you go to lala land. Great oil, love it!!!!! Thanks for helping me get to sleep faster.

Dean Becker
helps with sleep

My wife has trouble sleeping and has noticed a marked improvement in her sleep since using the essential oiled mister and the essential oil rubbed on her feet and neck. She still has issues, but the product from Jillee has clearly helped and I believe will continue to help.

Susan Coniglio

I got the product for my daughter, Melissa, who works two jobs right now and really, REALLY, needs her sleep. I am giving it to her for Christmas in the hope that it will help her get to sleep easily. She is a mental health counselor and is always helping others.

Good for getting back to sleep

Getting back to sleep after a bathroom run in the middle of the night. Absolutely no groggy

Jacquelyn Cotterall
Great product

Helps me get to skeep

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