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Calm Mind Essential Oil Blend

Calm Mind Essential Oil Blend

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Calm Mind is a blend of sweet orange, coriander, cedarwood, lime, and balsam of Peru essential oils.

With its uplifting citrus aroma featuring hints of herbs and wood, this grounding blend helps restore balance to troubled thoughts and uneasy feelings.

When stress and worries are weighing you down, Calm Mind blend helps promote a more peaceful state of mind.


Size: 10 ml

Aroma: Citrusy, fresh, herbal, woodsy

How To Use

  • Use Calm Mind in your diffuser at home and work to keep stressful feelings at bay.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil and use for a restorative massage during periods of heightened stress or anxiety.


Consult a trusted health professional for suggested use.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jessie M
True to its name!

I love this oil blend! When I am feeling anxious or overwhelmed, I either diffuse it or out a little in my wrists and wear it as perfume! I love the scent!

Pamela Barr
Calm Mind

Calm Me and helps create a calm atmosphere in the car.

Diane Raintree
Smells so wonderful!

Years ago a friends gave me a small terra cotta angel for my desk. I put a few drops of this wonderful oil on it, and it does calm my mind...for days! Even Hubby loves the smell! Win-win!!! Thanks Jillee!

It helps

I bought calm mind for my granddaughter to use in her diffuser. She has a chronic medical problem and with that and the stress of going to college I hoped with all my heart she found some relief with the oil.
She told me “Grammy it is really helping me!” I am so happy for her!

Esther Ford
Calm Mind

I have a job where I’m on the phone 90% of my work day. Calm Mind has a refreshing, invigorating aroma that relaxes me through out the day. I dab a little under my nose, put a few drops on a cotton ball and keep near my computer, or sniff it right from the bottle! It immediately gives me a calming and relaxing feeling. I love the citrusy smell.
Thanks for creating this Product!

Janacy Horsley
Great blend

Works like a charm when my kids are worried at night

Paula Marchant
Calm Mind

Excellent product. I use it my diffuser at night and love the aroma, always makes me feel relaxed after a stressful day.

Calm Mind really worked for me.

I use this product Calm Mind in a roller bottle with coconut oil and I put it at the bottom of my toes and on my wrist. I believe this works great as it calmed me down when I am really stressed out.