All Clear Essential Oil Blend

All Clear Essential Oil Blend

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When allergy symptoms like nasal congestion and eye irritation have you off your game, put All Clear in your diffuser and breathe deeply to experience feelings of open airways and clarity of mind.

The aroma of fresh herbs and citrus promotes easy breathing and clear thinking, helping to cut through the mental haze that is often associated with seasonal allergies.

The new All Clear blend features several oils that can help relieve congestion, irritation, and other unpleasant allergy symptoms.

Eucalyptus oil does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to relieving respiratory symptoms and making breathing easier, as does the boost of menthol you get from the peppermint oil.

Several of the oils in All Clear also have anti-inflammatory properties, including tea tree, rosemary, and lemon. Not only do they assist in soothing inflamed nasal passages, but they also help reduce the inflammation that contributes to puffy and itchy eyes. (And as an added bonus, the essential oils from citrus fruits and fresh herbs just smell really nice together!)


All Clear is a blend of eucalyptus, lemon, orange, lime, tea tree, peppermint, marjoram, and rosemary essential oils. 


Size: 15 ml

Aroma: Citrusy, herbaceous, slightly minty

How To Use

  • Use All Clear in your diffuser at home or at your desk throughout allergy season.
  • Diffuse it in your room at bedtime when allergy symptoms threaten to keep you up at night.


Consult a trusted health professional for suggested use.

Phototoxic Oil: This blend contains oil(s) that are phototoxic. It may cause skin sensitization if not diluted properly.


Customer Reviews

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All Clear Essential Blend

The products I ordered from you recently arrived the day before my daughter left going to Colorado not feeling her best and because she has a tendency to have bronchitis and a lot of chest congestion, I let her take the products including All
Clear Blend with her. When I talked to her several days after her arrival, she
sounded much better with no congestion and easier breathing. As she only returned my products to me today, I have not used them myself but her
improvement in her health is proof enough that they bring relief quickly.

As I am fairly new in using essential oils and blends, I wonder if you have information sheets of some sort explaining the use of each of your products that are easily read and understood.
It seems like I don’t always get a complete understanding of how the product is used and the desired end result of the product. A little more info would be very helpful.

Thank you for everything you offer to your readers and the interest you show in helping us to have improved lives. Your efforts are very much appreciated.


i have stuffiness when i wake up, and i just held the bottle under my nose, and it cleared my nasal passages. most of the essential oils in this blend are recommended for COPD relief. i intend to give this to my brother to use in steam treatments. looking forward to seeing what my brother will say about this product.

gloria b
Fresh Air

I was suffering from bloody noses due to dry air. I placed a dish of water with 4 drops of ALL CLEAR on my nightstand. I now breathe better; no more bloody noses and I tend to sleep more comfortably too!

Denise Kearney
all clear

Helped my winter stuffiness

Marion Kurdyla
Very Effective

Have been using this for a few weeks and find it to be very helpful. I’m hoping it will continue since these things sometimes lose their effectiveness after a while as I have found many natural treatments do due to building an immunity…😔
I have found that alternating is a key to this problem.

Stephanie Gage
Congestion relief!

The All Clear blend was a lifesaver when my daughter and I were severely congested with covid 2 weeks ago. We put it in the diffuser and also in a pans of hot water and sat over it with towels on our heads for a personal steam session. We looked crazy but it REALLY WORKED! I even put a few drops in hot bath water which was helpful too. Just not too much or it would irritate “tender” areas.

Cecilia Ta
Very helpful

My sister uses it with her diffuser at night before going to sleep and she said it helps her a lot

Great product

This is an excellent product. I suffer from nasal congestion very frequently with allergies. I did as Jillee suggests and made a little 'inhaler' pot with cotton and All Clear drops and it is very effective! Next is to make one to have in my purse!