Spray Bottle Labels: Cleaning Recipes

Spray Bottle Labels: Cleaning Recipes

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With this set of self-adhesive and waterproof spray bottle labels, you'll never forget how to make your favorite DIY products!

Each label features a recipe printed in white text on a clear background, making them the perfect match for our Amber Glass Spray Bottles.

This 7-pack of labels includes recipes for Jillee's favorite homemade cleaning products, including:

  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Window & Mirror Cleaner
  • Granite Cleaner
  • Tub & Shower Cleaner
  • Dusting Spray
  • Citrus Degreaser
  • Mold & Mildew Cleaner

Dimensions: 3" x 4"

Note: The glass spray bottle is not included with the labels. It can be purchased separately by clicking here


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 90 reviews
      Rebecca Griggs
      Makes life so simple

      I also glad I spent the money, worth every penny!

      L. Dianne Jewell
      Labels for the WIn!

      As soon as the Cleaning Solutions labels arrived, I mixed a batch of the All Purpose Cleaning Solution, put it in my now labeled glass bottle, and tackled our grungy stove top. Ooh la la! So fast and streak free! I was so excited, I zipped through the kitchen cleaning ALL the surfaces. Now, this is the best part... my husband was so impressed that when I finished and ran to the store HE used the recipe on the new label to make another batch to use in his workshop!!! Yes, that's right! So convenient with that label on the bottle, even a MAN can do it! LOL Jillee's solution labels...priceless! 😉

      Nicholas Manno
      Nice labels!

      Easy to apply. Easy to read. Black print labels would be a good option for white/clear spray bottles,

      Marilyn Commodore
      Spray bottle labels

      I was so glad to see that the recipes were available because I had purchased your spray bottles about two years ago. Now I can get rid of my tacky homemade labels. Thank you for making labeling so convenient.

      Paulette Braga
      Best Investment

      I love the Cleaning Recipes. I have made up several and they work as predicted.


      Barbara James
      Cleaning & Laundry recipe labels

      I enjoy having the nice labels on my Amber Glass Jars.
      It's so professional looking!
      Thanks, Jillee

      Only used one label so far, but...

      The main reason I bought these was to have all the recipes in one place, at my fingertips, so I didn’t have to record them on random pieces of paper or keep looking them up on the website. I LOVE the Tub & Shower Cleaner and use it regularly, so I bought the label set for that reason and immediately put it on my bottle! (I only have one other big bottle and may use it for the Granite Cleaner.) The labels work perfectly on the molasses-colored jars and are of a waterproof material that appear to be durable. Wonderful to have the recipe and directions right on the bottle that you use! Caution: The labels are large, so you have to have the large bottles, not the little ones.
      I wish that there were little labels for the little molasses-colored jars with the Mask Spray recipes, but I just typed one up for Calm Mind Mask Spray and taped it to my little bottle. I don’t know what else you’d use the small bottles for with Jillee's recipes, but hopefully masks will be a “thing of the past.” (I’m smart enough to know they won’t be…sigh.)

      Jannette Thompson
      Love the recipe labels!

      It is so handy to have the recipes readily available. With the amber bottles they are easily readable.