Rosehip Carrier Oil • 2 OZ
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Rosehip Carrier Oil • 2 OZ

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Rosehip oil starts with the fruit of the wild rose plant, which undergoes a cold extraction process to help retain as much of the fruit’s beneficial vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids as possible. In addition to nourishing and strengthening skin, these ingredients can help soothe and heal dryness, irritation, blemishes, and even improve the texture and appearance of aging skin over time.

While other carrier oils may feel too thick or greasy to use on your face, the delicate nature of rosehip oil makes it an excellent choice for homemade skincare products. Use rosehip oil to dilute essential oils for topical use, as a carrier oil in your favorite DIY recipes, or apply it alone as a moisturizer!

Size: 2 oz


Customer Reviews

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Rita Staab
Rosehip Oil

I like it a lot. It is a better alternative to greasy lotions and it feels like I am putting something healthier on my skin. Thanks so much!

margaret latey
Rosehip Oil

I have very dry skin. I use this on my face every night. Love how it makes my skin feel.

Sandy Weinstein
Rose hip oil

I’ve been using this on my face at night with my moisturizer and it does leave my face feeling very soft. I’m not sure I’m delighted with the smell of the oil, but I like the feel of my skin. It’s also good for my cuticles.

Staci Powell
nice oil

I like the rosehip oil and have been using it on my face and a scar from a recent surgery. The only thing I do not like is the pump type bottle that i received. I can't control how much oil comes out, and it is hard for me to press down. I really wanted a dropper bottle, like is shown in the picture of the item. I guess I will need to purchase a dropper bottle now.

Rose hip oil

Love this oil it has helped with the fine lines and age spots. A little bit goes a long way. I rub the access into my hands to keep them soft.

Nancy Nevitt

I use this on my face. It seems very therapeutic - deeply replenishing for dry skin.

My only question is what the carrier oil is made from. I can't identify the smell.

Thank you for your caring work helping us all be healthy in a natural way.

Great Carrier Oil

Consistently good.

Deborah Ann Lyons
RoseHip Oil

I purchased this to use as a carrier oil for the anti aging serum Jillee posted on her site. I don’t know what ingredient is giving me a problem but I’ve discovered that while I can use it on my arms and legs , I cannot use it on my face as it makes me breakout in red bumps that do not go away quickly. Maybe it’s just to heavy for my face? Maybe it’s clogging my pores? Has anyone else experienced this problem?