Good Night Sleep Kit
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Good Night Sleep Kit

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This kit is the closest you can get to buying a good night’s sleep! The star of this kit is Slumber Essential Oil Blend, a soothing mix of relaxing and restorative oils.

In addition to the standard 10ml bottle of this blend, you’ll also get the new Slumber Blend Ready-To-Apply Roll-On for quick and easy topical application.

This kit includes:

  • Slumber Essential Oil Blend, 10 ml
  • Slumber Blend Ready-to-Apply Roll-On , 10 ml


Customer Reviews

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Laurie Wynn
Works well and smells mazing

This stuff actually does what it supposed to and helps me sleep well. In fact, so well, my youngest daughter, who is 27, stole my role on bottle, so I’m going to ask to order more ha ha.

Sandy Henize
Love Slumber Essential Oils

I use Slumber essential oils every night. They help me relax and get to sleep quicker. If I wake up during the night to go the bathroom & can't get to sleep, I reach for my Slumber & drift off fairly soon. I have been so happy with all the oils I have gotten. I just wanted to get one empty oil bottle & so far they are always sold. I can understand why.

tammy sanchez
Excellent for sleep

I have tried many OTC sleep aids and other essential oils for sleep. This is truly the only one that helped me get a great nights sleep. Well worth the money.

Aurora Rivera
Slumber oil

this is really an A+ ..... Now I get a real good night sleep ..... I fall asleep fast
and wake up well rested ... just LOVE this slumber essential oil !

Slumber Roll on

I’ve been using it for about a week—I’ve been sleeping for longer periods of time and even reapplied and been able to go back to sleep during the night. Still waiting to sleep all the way through the night, but this is real progress!

Markita South
The Good Night Sleep Kit Really Works!

I have struggled with falling and staying asleep for years. I have tried other essential oils, as well as OTC sleep aids, and nothing worked. UNTIL I tried the Good Night Sleep Kit. I fall asleep far quicker and sleep much better through the night. I love the smell, too!

Julianne Hays
Slumber Rocks!

I’ve used both slumbers, the roll on & the non roll on. The roll on is easier for someone who wants quick, great for travel too. The other one I e mixed with an organic lavender lotion and put on the bottom of my feet & other areas. I’ve given it to family & friends. It really helps you relax, calm down & be able to fall to sleep much easier. A number of friends use it every night. So glad to have found it. Thank you!

Nancy Austin
Good Night Sleep Kit

I am so happy that I purchased this kit. I use to wake up several times during the night and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I don't use Slumber before going to bed because I apply Vick's Vapo Rub under my nose and on my chest. But when I wake up during the night, that is when I use the Slumber Oil. I put it under my nose, on my chest and on my wrist. I don't wake up during the night again until when I want to wake up. Thanks Jillee!