Folding Facial Razor
Folding Facial Razor
Folding Facial Razor
Folding Facial Razor
Folding Facial Razor
Folding Facial Razor
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Folding Facial Razor

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Whether you want to get rid of peach fuzz, target a few pesky facial hairs, or groom your eyebrows with ease, this folding facial razor can do it all!

Each razor is equipped with a single blade to scrape away hair and dead skin without irritating your skin.

You won’t just love how soft your face feels after shaving—you’ll also love how easily your makeup glides on, how clear and radiant your skin looks, and more!

With its compact folding design, you can even tuck it in your purse when you’re on the go for emergency touch-ups.

It even comes with a replacement razor head, so that in case the blade ever loses its edge, all you have to do is remove the old one from the handle and snap the fresh one into place!


  • Color: White
  • Blade length: 1.5”
  • Dimensions folded: 0.7 x 3.2”
  • Dimensions unfolded: 0.5 x 5.9”

    How To Use

    1. Cleanse and dry your face.
    2. Pull your skin taught and shave in the same direction as the hair is growing
    3. Apply a moisturizer.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 52 reviews
    Tanya Trzeciak
    Good for quick touch ups

    I was surprised that this little thing actually works. However, I am using it only for touch-ups. It takes too long to do a full fledged shave.

    Mom to 2 Boys
    Great for facial hair!

    This razor may be small, but it works. Does great on true facial hair (peach fuzz). A GREAT BUY!
    FWIW: I tried it on my sideburn area (always one to push the limits 😀), but it doesn't work on "head" hair.

    Rita Staab
    Folding Facial Razor

    I am having trouble getting the razor to shave well. I kind of have to turn it in a way and then scrape. Maybe there is a better technique to it?

    Nancy Blecher
    Folding Facial Razor

    Love the compact little razor I can throw in my makeup bag for touch ups as needed.

    Marilyn Ryan
    Great razor for face!

    This is a great shaver for face! I love that it folds so safe for traveling. This takes care of the peach fuzz easier and cheaper than other products.

    Janet Greenberg
    Best razors ever!

    I have used other razors but they don’t seem to get the peach fuzz like these razors do. So glad I bought them from Jillee!

    Deborah Jones
    Shaves off peach fuzz

    This razor works well to shave off that "peach fuzz" that we get later in life. My makeup looks better and it also helps to exfoliate.

    Great razor for those facial hairs

    Gentle and effective in removing those hairs on the chin