Spray Bottle Labels: Laundry Recipes

Spray Bottle Labels: Laundry Recipes

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With this set of self-adhesive and waterproof spray bottle labels, you'll never forget how to make your favorite DIY products!

Each label features a recipe printed in white text on a clear background, making them the perfect match for our Amber Glass Spray Bottles.

This 4-pack of labels includes recipes for Jillee's favorite homemade laundry products, including:

  • Ultimate Stain Remover Spray
  • Spray Starch
  • Wrinkle Release Spray
  • Lavender Linen Spray

Dimensions: 3" x 4"

Note: The glass spray bottle is not included with the labels. It can be purchased separately by clicking here


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 25 reviews
      Jennifer Benners
      Amber Spray Bottles/Laundry Recipe Lables

      I recently purchased both Amber Spray Bottles and Laundry Recipe Lables from Jillee's shop. I love the spray bottles and the labels! If I had one change to recommend, it would be to offer the labels in any of her wonderful recipes and not be limited to the 4 offered at the time. Jillee is amazing and I share her advice and products constantly to people! Thank you, OGT team for your help and advice!

      Kristin Fusco
      Love these

      I love the spray bottles as they work very well and the labels help keep my Jillee products organized. The recipes work great. I used the stain remover on my husbands tshirt and it was like magic. Love!

      RoseAnn Schwartz

      Spray Bottle Labels: Laundry Recipes

      Marie Purnell
      Recipe Labels

      I love these labels! They’re very attractive and are made well

      cynthia vinson

      Jillee’s recipes and recommendations are wonderful! Everything works! All of her products take the guesswork out of laundry, cleaning, and personal care. Glad I stumbled onto her website..

      Patricia Koenig
      Label my bottles

      Love love them.. I had the black label that you can write on on my bottles.. your labels are soooo much better. They go on easy and have the formula to make your spray is neatly printed on the label. Now I can refill with surety that I’m adding the correct amounts! ❤️

      Karen D.
      Gift worthy labels

      They are replacing the paper labels I made and taped on with packing tape that mildewed when water got under the tape! I bought second set of these for a daughter as part of her Mother's Day cleaning gift basket so she doesn't have to experience the yucky labels I had made for myself!

      Pat Prince
      Love everything!

      Bottles and labels are perfect! I have been using your “recipes” for awhile now and putting the mix in various bottles. Now it’s neat and tidy.
      One suggestion, maybe a label to put on the top of the sprayer to indicate what the bottle is for since they are all brown..
      Thanks for your wonderful blog and products